We will not succumb to Dis-Chem's hostile threats


We are not shaken by their announcement. If needs be, Dis-Chem will not operate if they try to slaughter our members through disciplinary hearings. If the Employer plan to harm our members, we will harm Dis-Chem.

NUPSAW have tried to engage the Employer through the legal route. Our approach was to have a moratorium so that we can develop a healthy relationship with the company and to engage robustly with the issue. But it became clear that their intension was to destroy the union and therefore they completely refuse to engage with us in negotiations.

Since they reported a 13.3 percent growth in their 2017/2018 financial year turnover to R19.6 billion up from R17.3 billion it is an insult that there are still workers earning below the national minimum wage of R3 500.

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