Progress Report on PHSDSBC RES 1/2018


an agreement on the standardization of remuneration for Community Health Workers in the Department of Health.

The aim was to ensure standardization of remuneration given the observed variations in the different provinces.

Letters on the implementation of resolution were sent to provincial Heads of Health on 07 July 2018, requesting that they facilitate the implementation.

The progress to date on the implementation of PHSDSBC Resolution 1 of 2018 by the provinces is as follows:

By the 30th of November 6 provinces would be remunerating CHWs at R3500 and these provinces. Progress per province is presented below.




Eastern Cape

R3 000

Ø  All CHWs will be remunerated at R3500 by end November

Ø  The districts are working on the process together with HR and Finance

Free State

R3 500

Ø  The province started paying all CHWs R3500 on 01 August 2018


R3 500

Ø  All CHWs are remunerated at R3 500 as from 31 August 2018

KwaZulu Natal


Ø  The internal Final Consultation is underway, planning to start paying R3500 not later than 30 November 2018

Ø  The Province is conducting physical verification of contacted CHWs

Ø  Unions engaged on the process and are fully updated on a regular basis


R2 200

Ø  The province is busy with physical verification

Ø  The date on which the R3500 will be paid has not been communicated

Ø  The province does not have enough allocation to cover all CHWs


R2 200

Ø  The province Began transferring funds to NGOs that are complaint, these NFOs should be able to ready to pay R3 500 starting end November

Ø  Assessment on NGO audit reports are underway, hoping to complete the process mid-November

Ø  All CHWs will be paid R3 500

North West

R2 500

Ø  The province had budget for 2018/19

Ø  The province has committed to pay all CHWs R3500

Northern Cape

R2 500

Ø  All CHWs will be paid R3 500

Ø  The province has prioritized putting all CHWs on PerSal first before paying R3 500

Ø  All CHWs will on PERSAL by end November 2018 and will be paid R3 500

Western Cape

R2 155

Ø  The province has legal opinion which states that CHWs are not employees of the province

Ø  The province will continue to pay CHWs through NGOs

The provinces have committed to registering the CHWs on PERSAL. Provinces like KwaZulu Natal and North West are paying all CHWs through PERSAL. Northern Cape, Free State, Eastern Cape and Gauteng have begun with the process. Mpumalanga and Limpopo have contracted CHWs through NGOs and have service level agreement, however, engagement with NGOs is under way in Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

The implementation of PHSDSBC resolution 1 of 2018 is not without its challenges, such are as follows:

  1. Mataitsane

General Secretary


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