National Union of Public Service & Allied Workers

Welcome to NUPSAW

NUPSAW is a trade union formed on the 13th August 1998, from amalgamation of militant and moderate trade unions operating mainly in the Public Service, whose sole purpose of its existence is to promote and protect the interests of its members from the ever exploitative, oppressive and discriminatory employers.

Are you being treated like a human being?

Do you get irritated when you have to come to work in the morning?

Are your working conditions good?

Are you being paid a decent living wage?

Is your job secured?

If any answer to the above is "No" it is about time you join the only non-governmental and politically non-aligned union, NUPSAW!

Our business is to defend and fight for your rights no matter who the employer is. Government or no government!

The union is party to the Public Service Co-ordination Bargaining Council (PSCBC),  major Sectoral Councils, Departmental and Provincial Chambers in the Public Service.

The Union is representing its members in the Department of Basic Education in disciplinary, grievance and ELRC dispute resolution proceedings. Equally so, the Union also represents its membership in the South African Police Service and in the SSSBC dispute resolution proceedings

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  What NUPSAW stands for?

Independendant and non-aligned though not a-political.

We believe in the independence of our organisation, it is through this independence that we continue to exist as an organisation, our members are free to partake in politics of this country and join political parties of their choice. 

NUPSAW as an organisation will make its views heard when its existence is challenged and political decisions impact on its members as an organisation, and government decisions are contrary to our policies.

Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC)

The threshold in the PSCBC is fifty thousand, NUPSAW is acting together with Hospersa and Natu and the trio jointly represent in excess of hundred thousand (100 000) members. There has been attempts from both the employer and their cohort unions to force us to use only one of the names of the trio. We have decided to call ourself by the three barrel name, Hospersa/Nupsaw/Natu.

Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bragaining Council (PHSDSBC)

We are a party to this council not-withstanding attempts by the employer and its cohorts to have us excluded. The admission to be party to this Council is 10 000 (ten thousand) members. The puppet unions and the employer are hell-bent on having this number increased to 30 000 (thirty thousand). The challenge for Nupsaw is to grow its membership in the Department of Health and in the Department of Social Development.

General Public Service Sectoral Bargaining Council

The threshold in this Bargaining Council is thirty thousands (30 000).  Workers not falling under the PHSDSBC, ELRC and Safety and Security Sector Bargaining Council (SSSBC) are represented in this Council. Nupsaw is admitted in the GPSSBC through acting together with the PSA. In terms of the agreement we have 1(one) seat in the bargaining council and 1 (one) seat in in of the Departmetal Chambers of the GPSSBC.

Affiliation to federations 


As per the National Executive Committee’s decision we (NUPSAW) have ended our relationship with CONSAWU and formed part of a new federation together with 51 other trade unions. The formation of the new federation and its affiliates was officially announced during the Workers’ Summit on 30 April and 1 May 2016 during the May Day celebration by Cde Zwelinzima Vavi. The new federation is estimated to have over 1.5 million memberships. NUPSAW’S change in affiliation reflects a strategic move from being the minority to the majority in the Bargaining Council. Our preferred name for the new federation is ‘Democratic Independent Trade Unions of South Africa(DITUSA).


NUPSAW is affiliated to the Public Service International (PSI), a structure of trade unions under the auspices of the United Nation.


NUPSAW as an union has grown since its inception in 1998. The challenge is for us to reach the fifty thousand mark. 

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